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Supporting More Informed Decisions at the Point of Care With CCDs

It’s Collective’s mission to help care teams identify and support our country’s most vulnerable patients.

Toward this mission, Collective is now participating bidirectionally in national CCD networks and integrating CCDs to support informed treatment decision making at the point of care nationwide. Collective is thrilled to support national interoperability efforts in responding to requests for uniquely aggregated CCDs to treating providers. CCDs, like ADT and other relevant data, can provide clinicians and care teams more comprehensive and relevant information for a patient exactly when it’s needed—resulting in better patient outcomes. 

Collective’s CCD functionality will enable network providers to discover relevant clinical information, such as vitals, social history, discharge summaries and medications, problem lists and other helpful insights with ease from dense documentation that can be time consuming to find and read. We’re excited about how this functionality will enrich our programs for emergency department utilization and optimization and transitions of care including post-acute. Automation of many of the most challenging parts of CCD engagement is a key value Collective brings to the ecosystem, including discovery, query, and insight analysis.

Regional HIEs are key partners in continuing to deliver sophisticated solutions to improve patient outcomes and the provider experience. In addition to national networks, most CCDs continue to be exchanged through regional HIE partners or with hospitals directly. 

As always, privacy and security are top concerns. Collective works closely with CCD network administration and providers to ensure transparency in how data is managed. CCDs are only collected for patients that have a treatment relationship with a Collective network participant during their encounter or just after discharge. CCD data will never be shared outside of an appropriate HIPAA relationship.

Care collaboration is only successful in optimizing both individual and patient and population health when there’s a seamless transfer of information. Combined with Collective’s real-time platform, this new functionality will help providers derive meaningful insights from data which can then be used to support point-of-care decisions and transitions of care.

To learn more about CCD integration at your organization, reach out and contact us.

Wylie van den Akker
Chief Information Officer