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Leveraging Technology Against COVID-19 in the Pacific Northwest


Here at Collective Medical, we’re continuing our efforts to help care teams across the nation identify, treat, track, and collaborate together to support patients affected by coronavirus. Here’s how organizations in the Pacific Northwest—an area hit especially hard when COVID-19 cases were first confirmed in the US—are leveraging technology to address the problem.

Oregon, one of Collective’s leading partners in the development of a variety of innovative solutions—including ones specific to COVID-19, realized the importance of including public health organizations in communications and efforts to address the pandemic. By connecting all hospitals, other treating providers, and now public health entities, Oregon has continued to communicate critical information in the moment, at the point of care using its statewide network.

Washington is leveraging its statewide network of providers, all connected through Collective’s ADT-enabled platform, to monitor patients and the COVID-19 situation. Technology enables teams to reach out to patients with positive lab tests and ensure they understand their diagnosis, isolation protocols, and care plan. Public health agencies are using Collective’s network to optimize their contact tracing, both by accessing up to date demographic and care team information, but also triage high risk patients due to their concomitant diagnoses. Emergency departments are also notified of the positive lab status in real-time, which allows healthcare staff to take necessary precautions should the patient return to the ED setting.

Alaska is working to ensure the flow of critical information isn’t hindered by COVID-19 by providing public health entities access to relevant, real-time information on the coronavirus and how it’s affecting patients across the state.

Overall, the coronavirus outbreak underscores the critical importance of having all members of the care team—including public health programs—working together. Helping our partners succeed is at the core of what we do at Collective. To help healthcare organizations across the nation, Collective is offering COVID-19 functionality at no cost. To learn more about using care collaboration to address coronavirus, please watch this recorded webinar.

Rachel Leiber
General Manager, Pacific Northwest