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Internet Trends 2019: How Tech Companies Are Creating the Future of Healthcare

Bond Capital founder, Mary Meeker, recently released her annual Internet Trends report. This 333-slide report is Meeker’s highly-anticipated take on the industry that’s grown to 3.8 billion internet users, or over half the world’s population.

Collective Medical and its care collaboration platform is included in this year’s report as an example of a company succeeding in using technology to both facilitate and scale clinical collaboration for vulnerable patients or patients with complex needs.

Collective’s CEO, Chris Klomp, explains that, when helping these patients “you can either throw a tremendous number of expensive, scarce bodies at the problem—which isn’t scalable—or you can use technology. I’m not talking about mere notifications that an encounter has occurred, which we also do, but a deeper level of collaboration.” According to the report, Collective aligns care teams to improve outcomes at lower cost. 

Internet Trends 2019 reported that US healthcare organizations have shown a strong adoption and use of digital tools including:

  • Increasing access to data leading to research insights
  • Organizing patient data through electronic health records (EHRs)
  • Aligning provider teams across organizations through health networks
  • Improving accessibility and availability of care
  • Rolling out telehealth options
  • Delivering prescriptions
  • Communicating easily between healthcare professionals
  • Utilizing health incentive tools

Over 15 percent of US gross domestic product (GDP) in 2017 was spent on healthcare—higher than all other industrialized nations—and healthcare costs are continuing to rise. Organizations are looking to innovative healthcare technology solutions like Collective, Teladoc, Nurx, and Zocdoc to pave the way for the future of healthcare by making care accessible and improving outcomes.

Brittany Eastman
Content Marketing Specialist