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Everyone Wins When We Work Together

Having recently joined Collective Medical, I’ve spent some time reflecting on my journey to this point. My career path has been long and varied, but I’m psyched to be here. Each turn has led me to the point of passionately believing in Collective’s mission to make a difference by uniting the healthcare community.

As a clinician in the late 1990s, my only recourse when presented with a complex patient was to pick up the phone and call other members of their care team—if I even knew of them. Often, I would not get a response for hours or even days. I’ve wondered how much more effective I could’ve been if we were all working more closely together.

When I moved to a health plan in 2005, I was impressed by how much information we could collect on a member as they moved through a disparate healthcare continuum. Claims data is robust in content, but I quickly learned that it lacks the timeliness to have a real impact on the care of the highest-need members. More recently, I’ve spent time consulting with health plan executives and regularly heard them express the need to better connect with providers in their network. The integration of claims and clinical data was often described as the holy grail.

That’s why I knew I had to join the Collective team when I first met them over a year ago through Collective’s partnership with 3M Health Information Services. I was able to see first-hand how Collective connected providers all over the country and enabled coordination of their highest-need patients—the kind of coordination that has never existed before. Health plans have found great value in the real-time knowledge that their members are seeking acute services, and many have been innovative in connecting with providers and the community at large.

I’m looking forward to building on that innovation to create an environment where health plans and providers can collaborate on a common platform, and with a common goal. Bringing the longitudinal information a health plan collects together with the real-time experience of a provider creates the best opportunity to effectively manage a patient and achieve the triple aim of improving patient experience, improving the health of populations, and reducing the total cost of care. Together as a network, we can do this. Let’s get going!

Michael Keyes, MBA, PT
VP, Health Plan Business Development