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Collaborative Care Reduces ED Visits & Increases Throughput

Care insights are a feature within Collective Medical’s platform that allow care teams to view user-generated information about a patient. This information may include a diagnosed medical condition, labs or tests that have been done, pain contracts or pain management recommendations, care coordination information, and previously successful interventions.

Our data science team conducted an observational study of 8,500 patients across three states: Washington, Oregon, and California. We looked at the number of emergency department (ED) visits for six months prior to intervention and for 12 months after a care insight was authored. Additionally, we looked at time spent in the ED and the frequency at which patient profiles were viewed within the platform.

The chosen control group included patients that triggered “standard” Collective notifications for criteria—such as frequent ED visits. For comparing the two groups, we used the date a notification was first triggered at a facility.

The results show the powerful impact care insights have on both patients and physicians in emergency settings.

Care Insights Help Prevent Unnecessary ED Visits

  • Patients with care insights experienced between a 9 and 13 percent reduction in ED visits
  • Between 1.6 and 2.1 ED visits were saved per patient, which translates to 13,600-17,850 total visits saved over the course of one year

Care Insights Impact Throughput and Efficiency

  • Patients with a care insight spent an average of 17 minutes less in the ED
  • In our densest geographies, like Washington state, patients spent 21 fewer minutes in the ED

Care Insights Increase the Number of Times Patients Are Viewed Within the Platform 

  • Patient record with a care insight were viewed five times more within Collective’s platform—helping busy ED physicians gain more information when needed on certain high-risk patients
  • For observed patients in California, patients were viewed 10 times more after a care insight was authored

What Does This Mean for Care Teams?

For facilities already using Collective’s technology, this observational study shows that creating care insights for the most at-risk or complex patients can impact important metrics like ED visits and length of stay. Overall, these findings indicate the importance of care collaboration and meaningful data presented at the point of care.

Lacy Christensen, M.A. Statistics
Data Analyst